War Of Ages

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War Of Ages

Convictions, Earth Groans, No Company, A Traitor's Last Breath

Sunday, March 4, 2018

6:30 pm

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War Of Ages
War Of Ages
WAR OF AGES draws a definitive line in the sand against fear and frailty with Arise and Conquer, their brand new album produced by As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis and his production partner, Daniel Castleman.

The band's convictions are as deeply rooted in strength through spirit as their music is based in intensely heavy but melodic and catchy metal and hardcore. Their burgeoning and relentless concern for the human condition has blossomed on Arise and Conquer, an album full of positive metalcore that furthers their message of victory.

"Without pain, there could be no compassion. And without hurt, how would we learn to heal?" asks singer Leroy Hamp, his empathy with the hurting youth of the world clear. "These are the moments when men and women rise up and warriors are born." Hamp and his brother, drummer Alex, certainly know about rising from pain.

In their life experience, they have dealt with kidnapping, abuse both physical and mental, and the violence that surrounded their criminal father and his backward beliefs. Through their faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer and savior, the brothers soldiered on and have forged a life of their own choosing.

War Of Ages is as much ministry as heavy music and that spirit shines throughout the new album. New guitarist Branon Bernatowicz adds his spice to main songwriter Steve Brown's already well-known classic metal and New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal-inspired chops, which first came to light on the band's prior Facedown releases Pride of the Wicked and Fire from the Tomb. Bass player T.J. Alford rounds out the band, helping them deliver a powerful live show that has enthralled audiences on tour with diverse bands like Bleeding Through, Throwdown and Soilwork.

Lambesis brought a determined focus to the band's already solid songwriting. After a month of intensive recording in Southern California, the boys who call Erie, Pennsylvania home emerged with an album that has both absorbed and surpassed their previous output. With the kind of mastery that can only be born from fervent passion, Brown weaves melody with might, building a sound framework for Leroy's inspired and crucial storytelling. Only years of collaboration and a thick friendship could produce the command and virtuosity heard on Arise and Conquer.

War of Ages' 5th Studio Album, "Return To Life", is in Stores Now.
Seattle Band
Earth Groans
Everything about music -- the science, the theory, ​the people, the lifestyle, ​the emotion -- has always held such an important place in Jeremy's life. Growing up, and into college and adult life, he has been on a journey to fulfill his passion of writing, recording, playing, and performing music. ​He has earned his living as a self-employed audio recording engineer​ since 2009.​ ​After much time, effort, and experience​,​ as well as a few semi-successful attempts​​, and yet no longterm success due to elements outside of his control, he has taken the reigns of creating his own music and has broken into the music world on his own terms.

​Jeremy has write​n​ and record​ed​ ​his first​ album​​, giving birth to a new project presently known as "Earth Groans​.​"​ ​ Not ​being ​limit​ed​ to one specific ​genre or​ sound​,​ but by pulling inspirations from hardcore, metal, and deathcore inspirations, Earth Groans creates an experience of organized dissonance. Jeremy's goal of writing the record was not ​to ​recreat​e​ the wheel, but ​to ​recreat​e​ how the wheel rolls. ​ ​Though completely written and recorded from the perspective of one mind, you can experience the ​live ​sound​ and performance​ of ​four​ talented musicians​, including Jeremy.

Earth Groans uses ​his music to connect with​ his listeners in hopes to uplift hearts, ​and ​relate​ with​ and inspire the listeners. "My goal as an artist will never be to become famous or make money​.​ ​ M​y sole purpose is to truly connect with the hearts of my listeners and create a relationship with them. Even ​i​f ​I​ only connect with​ ​​​one single person through my music or lyrics​,​ I feel like it was worth all of the work."

Though ​b​ased out of ​Southeastern ​South Dakota, you can expect to see Earth Groans ​on tour ​all over the U​.​S​​​. ​Earth Groans' first album, "Renovate," will be released in the summer of 2015.
Venue Information:
The Loading Dock
445 S 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101